The Union's complaints procedure is outlined in Bye Law 7. The text and procedure are repeated below for convenience.


Registered students who are dissatisfied in relation to their dealings with the Students’ Union are entitled to register their complaint.

Complaints shall be addressed to the President of the Students’ Union.

If the complaint is against the President then it should be addressed to the Vice President, Student Experience

Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days.


7.1 Valid Complaints

Complaints shall be considered valid if the complainant:

a) Provides details of their name, address and contact telephone number

b) Provides details of the event or occurrence which gave rise to the complaint.

c) Raises the complaint within 28 days of the event or occurrence giving grounds for complaint.


7.2 Investigation

All valid complaints shall be investigated and the results of that investigation communicated to the complainant within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint.

The President shall investigate all complaints, but may also delegate responsibility for the investigation into the complaint where appropriate.


7.3 Guidelines for Investigations

a) Investigations shall be conducted by the President or by that person chosen by the President.

b) No person involved in the investigation of any complaint shall have a direct or vested interest in the outcome of that investigation.

c) All parties to the complaint shall be given an opportunity to submit written and oral statements and present appropriate evidence, including evidence of mitigating circumstances.

d) An employee (including student staff) may be suspended from work on full pay, normally for no more than 20 working days, if the Union considers that the individual’s continued presence at work will jeopardise the proceedings.


7.4 Outcome of an Investigation

The outcome of an investigation shall be determined immediately after all parties to the complaint have presented their case and any supporting evidence.

The person(s) conducting the investigation shall determine:

a) All findings of fact, and

b) Any mitigating circumstances, and

c) Any appropriate further action.