Student Reps

Union President, Tim Joaquim, explains why we need Reps.

What are Student Reps?

Student Reps are students elected by their classmates at the start of the year to represent them. They are responsible for finding out about course-related problems or issues, and for suggesting improvements that can be made. Reps make sure that issues and suggestions are forwarded to the correct people at the University and Union and that any problems are resolved.

Reps receive training and support from the Union, and are encouraged to take part in the Union’s Education Zone, at which a range of academic issues can be raised.

The Union is committed to improving its involvement in the Student Rep programme.

This year, we are determined to make sure that:

  • The system is promoted
  • Elections take place to appoint Reps
  • The Union maintains communication with Reps throughout the year
  • Reps understand the positive impact they can have upon their own, and others’, learning experiences