You Said, We Did

Impact Evaluation Report: Freshers Week 2011

To download the report, click here.

Key findings include:

  • 81.9% of respondents said that the Union was contributing positively to their experience at University.
  • 84.2% of respondents don’t understand what Sabbatical Officers do.
  • 50.9% of respondents said they don’t know how to join a club or soc.
  • 65.5% of respondents said they don’t how to give their feedback to the Union.

In response to this, we are:

  • delighted that students think we're contributing positively!
  • hope that Officers, both Sabbatical and Part-time, make use of all the resources available to ensure their activities are as transparent as possible.
  • striving to make the joining of clubs and societies easier and clearer.
  • thinking of as many ways for you to give your feedback as we can! Currently, they include emailing, filling in suggestions cards, or contacting any Officer or member of staff. If you have something to say, tell us!

Facilities Zone Success Stories

  • You said you wanted us to sell Stella.... we've started to sell Stella again!
  • You said you liked the pitchers we sold last year.... pitchers are back!
  • You said you wanted more usage of NN2 in the daytime... we've put up a plasma TV and connected a games console to it and have started putting on zumba classes on a Tuesday.

Welfare Zone Success Stories

  • Preliminary survey results showed that over 50% of you didn't know where you could find safe sex supplies on campus or in the local community.... so we've launched 'Play Safe' and now you can pick up free condoms, lube and pregnancy tests up from Park Campus Union!


You've also said:

The new glass-fronted offices

'It's made a great difference to be able to see what's going on!'

International Student Trips and Events

'The whole trip was prefect, location, activities and team leaders.' – Winchester Christmas Market 20/12/11

'It was really like a dream come true to be at Wembley and see English team playing. Was fun to see a big crowd, their passion for football. I wish I can enjoy further trips with the SU as well. SU is the real friend we have.' – England vs Sweden at Wembley 15/11/11

'Awesome, the haunted castle impressed me a lot.' – Warwick Castle for Halloween 31/10/11

'The trip was awesome. have real fun. didn't play bowling before but it was a nice experience.' – Ten Pin Bowling 14/12/11

Student Rep Training

'Thanks again for the Rep training session, it was really helpful and everyone on my course is already aware now about the [NSS and ISS]!! Turns out the perks did attract great attention.'

'Everyone was really friendly and helpful.'

'Liked the group tasks and hearing about Reps' opinions.'

'Really good!.'

‘Well presented.’

 ‘It was appealing and very inspiring.’

 ‘Had a great time interacting and knowing how can I help and contribute towards the betterment of the Uni and students.’