East African Playground Information Stall
22nd January 3:30pm - 4th February midnight
Choir Rehearsals
27th January 5pm - 8pm
Film Night
27th January 6pm - 9:30pm
27th January 6:30pm - 9pm
Mandarin Lessons
28th January 5pm - 6pm
Reg meeting/singing praises
28th January 5pm - 8pm
28th January 5:15pm - 8pm
Choir Meeting
30th January 6pm - 10pm
General Meeting and Screening
31st January 7pm - 9pm
Bible Study
1st February 11am - 7pm
1st February 7pm - 8pm
Dance Studio
2nd February 6pm - 8pm

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Start A New Club


Can't find the Club that you're looking for? Why not set up your own! It's not as hard as you might think - below are our 5 easy steps to starting up your own Club.

  1. The BIG Idea

    If you already have an idea for a Club you’d like to start – you’re already half way to the finish line.  The chances are that if you want to play this particular sport – there are others out there too!

    Just one important point first; your sport must be recognised as a bona fide competitive sport by either Sport England or BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport). You can check this at these links: -

    ·         Sport England

    ·         BUCS

    If it isn’t, don’t worry; you could form a Society instead.  To start this process just access our Starting a Society page.

  2. Putting Together Your Proposal

    The next step in getting your Club off the ground is filling in a Sports Club Proposal Form. This is a simple form that asks for:

    ·         Your proposed Club name

    ·         What you will do to make your Club successful

    ·         Names of the proposed President, Treasurer and Secretary

    ·         Names of at least five potential members including your President, Treasurer and Secretary if it is an individual sport.

  3. Meeting Paul

    Once you’ve gotten this form all filled in, email it to our friendly Sport Development Co-ordinator, Paul. He’ll have a look at your form and ask you to come in for a short meeting.

    At this meeting he’ll go through the stuff you’re going to need to know and together you’ll begin to put a plan together for the coming year and write a constitution– it’s not as horrible as it might appear!

  4. Getting Members Signed Up

    Following this meeting the only thing stopping you from being a full-fledged Club is members. It’s time to go back to the guys that filled your proposal form in with you!

  5. Celebrate Success!

    You’ve done it! You’ve successfully created a new Club from scratch! Celebrate the moment at your first training session and enjoy the rest of the year – it’s going to be great!



Sports News

SPORTS NEWS: Netball vs Netball

It’s not every day that two teams from the same club play each other in the same league.


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