Hi, I am Danjie Zhong, your Vice President Education for 2016/2017 at the University of Northampton Students’ Union.

My job this year is to stand up for you. As your VP Education, any issues related to your academic experience, let’s say timetabling clashes, learning resources, late feedback and library facilities etc.. I will be the person to value your opinions, gather and tackle the issues you have.  As a former student, we are the ones who really understand and care for your experience and benefits at University. How can we do that? We listen to you, we campaign on the issues that matter to you and we challenge the University to ensure you get the most of your experience here.

Also, I am supported by hundreds of Course Reps and 12 Faculty Reps who are trained and valued by our students’ Union to take a lead among your class mates to represent them, and I am the one who always support you. So you will never be alone!

 It is a brilliant role to start during your University journey, so what are you waiting for? Get involved with your SU family.