Contact Information

What We Do For You

We do more than you may realise!

On behalf of our members, we:

  • Attend various meetings with the University to make sure that everyone is striving to provide the best possible student experience
  • Provide students with multiple opportunities to make their voices heard
  • Are available to students every day, on both Avenue Campus and Park Campus
  • Facilitate the Student Rep programme in partnership with the University
  • Offer guidance on course-related matters
  • Run campaigns on issues that affect students
  • Co-ordinate the sports teams and societies
  • Provide a range of entertainments

None of this is possible without YOU! Everything we do is to improve your experience here, so without you coming to us and letting us know what's good and not so good, and any issues you may be facing, we can't make a difference. 

We also adhere to the Education Act 1994 and comply with the University's Code of Practice (see our 'Create Change' page).

Details of funding allocation policies can be found here.

We have the potential to donate to external organisations, but have not done so in the past twelve months.



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