The Students' Union are bringing you Re-Freshers from the 15th of January. 

We are offering a range of events from UV Dodgeball to give you a taster of what kind of fun and active events we put on at the Students' Union to a more calm colouring session with your friends and some snacks. All our events are to encourage you to get involved with the Students' Union and a student group while at Univeristy. 

We are holding a So Very Refreshing event in our brand new Students' Union, The Platform, in the town centre. This event will be like a mini Union Day, showing a variety of societies and voluenteering groups that work with the SU. So Very Refreshing will give you a chance to join new groups along with checking out The Platform for the first time. There will be plenty of people to talk to and also plenty of refreshments. 

Keep an eye on our social media and contact our Engagment Events Coordinator for more info.