Students' Union Release Tattoo Brand Guidelines

Saturday 01-04-2017 - 06:56

The Students' Union has released Stallions Tattoo Brand Guidelines today in an effort to support students travelling abroad this week from making costly and upsetting mistakes.


Each year hundreds of University of Northampton Students join thousands more from across the country in visiting Spain, Italy and Croatia to compete in a week of sport in warmer and sunnier climes than our island nation, but every year students overindulge and make mistakes on nights out that often end in a permanent inked reminder - a 'Tour Tattoo.'

Between spelling mistakes, a misunderstanding in the desired design and plain poor choices students return to the UK year on year with stamps of their errors that include words literally crossed out and corrected for spelling, tattoos of their favourite condiments and emojis and cause significant distress to themselves, their friends and loved ones. 

Vice President: Union Development, David Lewis, spoke to some of our current students about the impact of their poor decisions on tour. 


Committed to addressing this issue, the University of Northampton has produced its first ever Stallions Tattoo Brand Guidelines document to support students in obtaining a tattoo that expresses their Stallions pride in a clear, visible and brand compliant manner - ensuring you leave with a kick ass tattoo every time!

The guidelines also come with three sample sizes for your tattoo artist to trace, ranging from 'the Raf' which is conservative and considered to 'the David Lewis' which is unquestionably obnoxious. 

David Lewis said of the guidelines "This is a fantastic way of ensuring our students don't leave their holiday with a big ***** ******* or ****** tattooed to their arm, which can tear relationships apart. Our guidelines will ensure that all our Stallions who want to show their team spirit can do so in a simple, easy and consistent manner!"

"We hope that future updated versions of the document can also provide post care advice and instructions on removal when we rebrand on Waterside."


For further information on the support we offer our Sports Clubs including free sport for every student visit




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