STaR Awards


The Northampton Student Teaching and Representation (STaR) Awards is an evening ceremony held annually in partnership with the University.

This prestigious event gives us the opportunity to celebrate both students and staff, who have made an outstanding impact on your university experience.

The Awards are student-owned, with each category and criteria being designed by students as well as nominated, shortlisted and selected by students.

They are held in high regard across the University and not only offer students a route to recognising outstanding teaching/learning, support and enhancement of the student experience, but also provide inspiration to members of staff. 

In addition, University staff are given an opportunity to champion the exceptional work and contribution that Course and Faculty Reps make to the student experience.

The comments and best practice you share with us are passed on to the University. And, if your nomination is shortlisted for an award, you will be invited to join the nominated staff member at the 2018 STaR Awards ceremony, which entails a 3 course sit down meal and is to be held at The Saints Rugby Ground, Franklin's Gardens.

There are seven categories to nominate in:

  • Faculty Lecturer of the Year (from the winners of this, the student selection panel will determine the winner of the Outstanding Lecturer of the Year award).

  • Personal Academic Tutor of the Year

  • Innovative and Tech-savvy Lecturer of the Year

  • Support Staff of the Year

  • Advancement of Equality and Diversity

  • Faculty Rep of the Year

  • Course Rep of the Year.

Shortlist 2018

This year's awards attracted 493 nominations.

Danjie Zhong, Vice President: Education said of the awards "The STAR Awards present a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise and acknowledge the fantastic work undertaken across the organisation by both our academic and professional staff in the pursuit of the best possible university experience for our students."

"This year saw the Students' Union receive a huge number of nominations and, beyond the awards, these submissions will further support the Union in identifying best practice and innovative tools being utilised by staff that might be showcased across the institution."

The Students' Union are delighted to present this year's shortlist:

Faculty of Business & Law Lecturer of the Year

  • Alan Lovell

  • Kardi Somerfield

  • Nadeem Aftab

Faculty of Education & Humanities Lecturer of the Year

  • Andrew Smith

  • Kay Brown

  • Peter Goy

Faculty of Art, Science & Technology Lecturer of the Year

  • Rory O’Neill

  • Sally Cook

  • Triantafyllos 'Aldo' Kanakis

Faculty of Health & Society Lecturer of the Year

  • David Young

  • Rachel Evenden        

  • Rob Lyon

Personal Academic Tutor of the Year

  • Alison Power

  • Helen Clegg

  • Hilary Scott

Innovative and Tech-Savvy Lecturer of the Year

  • Alison Power

  • Brendan Greene

  • Tanya Beetham

Advancement of Equality and Diversity

  • Melanie Crofts

  • Neil Southwell

  • Tanya Beetham

Support Staff of the Year

  • Stuart Moose

  • Vicki Jesney

  • Will Greasley

Course Rep of the Year

  • Ana Saravanja

  • Ashleigh Jones

  • Jennifer To

Faculty Rep of the Year

  • Cameron Vanloo

  • Gemma Lovegrove

  • George Musengeyi

This year's event is being hosted by the Students' Union at Franklin Gardens on Thursday 24 May. Shortlisted staff and a selection of the students who nominated them have been invited to a three course dinner at the venue alongside senior representatives from both the Union and University.