Hey there, I am Danjie Zhong, your Vice President Education of Students’ Union.

I am lucky enough to be re-elected as your Vice President Education 2017/2018 in order to represent your academic interests. I am an international students so that I know exactly how it feels far away from home, from your original friends or from your comfort zone. However, getting involved with Students’ Union at the first place make a huge impact on my life whilst studying at University of Northampton. I used to be a Course Rep who is elected within the course to represent classmate’s views. In addition, I am part of the Buddy Scheme which allows me helping international students to settle down in the U.K.


As a second year officer, I have already started some amazing projects which I would like to proceed with.

For 2017/2018, I would make sure:

  • Increasing the Rep’s visibility and recognition.
  • Helping Faculty Reps to develop themselves and ensure their accountability.
  • Keeping track on academic issues in the transition of Waterside Campus.
  • Fighting for fair and welcoming learning environment within institution.
  • Last but not least, I would like to keep eyes on Housing issues which have become a popular concerns for students since we have set up a Letting Agency.